Event Of The Year AMSA-Unismuh 2023 : Valiant to Live Healthy by Caring about Hypertension
May 1, 2023 No Comments AMSA,event,mahasiswa,news,organisasi,Prodi S1 Kedokteran AMSA-UNISMUH

Talk Show

Makassar, May 1, 2023 – AMSA-Unismuh’s Community Outreach division proudly presents the “Event of the Year” with the theme “Valiant to Live Healthy by Caring about Hypertension.” As part of this event, a talk show and health check-up were organized in the Mariso district of Makassar. The event aimed to raise awareness about hypertension, its prevention, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Distinguished medical professionals, including Dr. Surya Arma Arsyad, Dr. Rolly Riksanto, and Dr. Syahrun Mubarak Aksar, graced the occasion with their expertise and insights.

Talk Show

The talk show, a significant highlight of the event, was designed to educate the community about hypertension, a prevalent health issue affecting many individuals worldwide. Renowned medical experts, led by Dr. Surya Arma Arsyad, shared valuable information and practical tips on maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. The discussions revolved around the causes of hypertension, its symptoms, and effective strategies for prevention and management. The speakers emphasized the significance of regular health check-ups and medication adherence for individuals with hypertension.

Medical Check UP

In conjunction with the talk show, a health check-up was conducted to offer the attendees an opportunity to assess their own health status. Dr. Rolly Riksanto, along with a team of medical professionals, provided free blood pressure screenings and consultations to identify potential cases of hypertension. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and proactive management of hypertension. Attendees were encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity and gain valuable insights into their own health.

Adding an element of excitement to the event, a sandwich competition was organized to engage participants and promote healthy eating habits. Participating teams were challenged to create delicious and nutritious sandwiches that adhered to dietary guidelines suitable for individuals with hypertension. The competition fostered a spirit of creativity, while also promoting the understanding that a healthy diet can be both flavorful and beneficial for managing hypertension.

AMSA-Unismuh’s commitment to community well-being was evident through this event, as it provided a platform for knowledge exchange, health awareness, and preventive measures. By hosting the talk show and health check-up, the organization demonstrated its dedication to empowering individuals to lead healthy lives and care about their own well-being. The efforts of Dr. Surya Arma Arsyad, Dr. Rolly Riksanto, and Dr. Syahrun Mubarak Aksar, alongside the entire AMSA-Unismuh team, deserve commendation for their tireless work in promoting hypertension awareness.

In conclusion, the talk show, health check-up, and sandwich competition organized by AMSA-Unismuh’s Community Outreach division in Makassar’s Mariso district provided an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about hypertension and its management. This event not only educated individuals about the risks associated with hypertension but also highlighted the importance of preventive measures and healthy lifestyle choices. AMSA-Unismuh’s commitment to fostering a healthier society was truly reflected in the success of this Event of the Year.