Graduate Profile

The internal and external stakeholders are involved not only in formulating the vision and missions but also in formulating the curriculum that will become a way to achieve the vision. It starts with preparing the graduate profile based on the analysis of public demands and stakeholders’ needs. They are designed for our ILOs and are also aligned with the vision and mission of FMHS. 

Program Learning Outcomes of BM-MD (PLO)

Intended Learning Outcomes of BM-MD (ILO)

Upon graduation, students will
Attitude (A)A1have a religious attitude, Islamic character, and professionalism in working in their field of expertise;
Knowledge (K)K1apply biomedical sciences, humanities, clinical medicine, public health sciences, and the concepts of Al Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK) in analyzing health problems;
K2apply the principles of scientific thinking based on critical thinking, problem-solving, and clinical reasoning according to Evidence-Based Medicine;
K3apply the basic concepts of managing education and health services under Islamic values in carrying out their role as a doctor;
SKILLS (S)S1Improve self-capability in accordance with national competency standards and SKKDM
S2develop interprofessional cooperation in solving health problems;
S3produce thoughts or arguments and innovative works in scientific and societal forums;
COMPETENCE (C) C1conduct effective communication with patients, family members, the community, colleagues, and other professionals;
C2perform clinical procedures for individual health problems based on scientific foundations, patient safety, and Islamic principles;
C3managing individual and community health based on scientific foundations, patient safety, and Islamic principles in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.