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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) Unismuh and the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Medicine Unismuh Makassar, inaugurated Tanakaraeng Village, Manuju District, Gowa Regency as a fostered village. The theme of the assisted village is; Collaboration towards a Healthy and Smart Village.

The inauguration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of FKIK Unismuh & BEM FK Unismuh with the local village government, signed by the Dean of FKIK Unismuh, Prof. Dr. dr. Suryani As’ad, M.Sc., Sp.GK (K), Chairman of BEM FK Unismuh, Muhammad Risqullah Ammar, Tanakaraeng Village Head, H. Sampara, S.IP, and Manuju Sub-District Head, H. Marham Sila, S.Pd at Tanakaraeng Village Office, Sunday, May 22, 2022.

This opening activity is also coupled with free health checks for the surrounding community so that they can conduct initial screening related to their illness and conduct health education or counseling.

Tanakaraeng Village Head, H. Sampara, S.IP, in his speech stated that he welcomed the arrival of students from the Faculty of Medicine Unismuh Makassar, especially with the signing of a cooperation agreement between FKIK Unismuh and BEM FK Unismuh with the Tanakaraeng Village Government.

“We from the Tanakaraeng village community are very grateful for the willingness and trust of Unismuh Medicine in fostering this village, hopefully Tanakaraeng village will become a healthy village that can be an example for other villages and can coordinate well” said the Village Head.

The Head of Manuju Sub-District, H. Marham Sila, S.Pd hopes that the cooperation and synergy between the Government of Manuju District, Gowa Regency, especially Tanakaraeng Village with FKIK Unsimuh & BEM FK Unismuh Makassar can be continuously established to improve the quality of public health in Tanakaraeng Village and even all villages in Manuju District.

The Chairperson of BEM-FK Unismuh Muhammad Risqullah Ammar in his speech, said that the implementation of this assisted village involved all BEM administrators and Fostered Village Educator Peers, but the hope is that this can be collaborated by all related parties such as Village Youth, Village Posyandu Cadres, etc.

“We from BEM express our gratitude for the welcome of the Tanakaraeng village government, the existence of this Assisted Village is expected to be a learning forum for students to be able to interact directly with the community to apply the knowledge that has been obtained in college so that it can help optimize public health,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FKIK Unismuh Makassar, Prof. Dr. dr. Suryani As’ad, M.Sc,.Sp.GK (K) stated that this Assisted Village can be a learning process for students to become superior Islamic doctors and have a high sense of empathy.

“A sense of empathy must arise and be strong to serve wholeheartedly, the best for the good of the community. We from the leadership of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences strongly support this activity to familiarize and develop a sense of interaction with people with various backgrounds. Because a doctor has 2 strengths, namely scientific integrity and social integrity and this must be familiarized from now on,” said the Dean of FKIK Unismuh Makassar.

He also added that the collaboration between the faculty, students and village and sub-district governments is expected to minimize health cases that occur, especially related to stunting cases that are still high in this village.

This assisted village program will be held for some time in the future while monitoring and evaluating the existing progress so that it can produce measurable results and have an impact on the community.



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