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The Student Parent Communication Forum (FKOM) of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Muhammadiah Makassar is a forum formed as a partner of the faculty, and students, as well as a forum for establishing cooperation with Student Parents, for the development of the faculty of medicine. The main task of the Management of the Student Parents Communication Forum (FKOM), Faculty of Medicine, Unismuh Makassar is to manage FKOM funds sourced from student parents’ fees per semester.
The allocation of FKOM funds is solely for the activities of all student organizations at the Faculty of Medicine, Unismuh Makassar, where the activities funded are activities that have been programmed for one semester.
“From By and For Students: which means that FKOM funds obtained from medical student fees per semester will also return to students through financing student work programs that have been approved at student work program meetings.
Therefore, on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, the FKOM Workshop for the odd semester of 2022/2023 was attended by the Chairperson of FKOM, dr. Muhammad Rizal Tjaddi Aman, Sp.B and Vice Dean III of FKIK Unismuh who is also the Secretary of FKOM, dr. Asdar, Sp. B also with the Heads of FK Unismuh Institutions, namely Muhammad Risqullah Ammar as Chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM FK UNISMUH), Nurul Qalbi as Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Student Association Commissariat (PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH), Muhammad Nizar Irsya as Chairman of the Medical Aid Team (TBM FK UNISMUH), Yusril Ramadhan as Chairperson of the Medical Ar-Razi Research Community (MARC FK UNISMUH), Rifad Abigail as Representative of the Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA UNISMUH), Andi Muhammad Fawwaz as Chairperson of Medical Sport Unismuh (MSU FK UNISMUH), Wahida as Chairperson of the Medical Art Club (MAC FK UNSIMUH) along with the management of FK Unismuh Institutions.
This FKOM forum is independent and one of its functions is as an adhesive and unifier of student parents so that they can exchange ideas, experiences to achieve educational goals at Unismuh Makassar and educational goals in general in accordance with the mandate of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. Thus it is expected to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of education which has implications for improving the academic ability of medical students of Unismuh Makassar as a whole. And at the same time have an impact on the progress of the nation and state of Indonesia.
“It is hoped that the existence of this FKOM can help students to work more and achieve according to their respective interests and talents and become a forum for friendship for parents of students” – said the Chairman of FKOM, Dr. Rizal, Sp.B.
This is also in line with what was conveyed by the Vice Dean III of FKIK Unismuh, dr. Asdar, Sp.B that “FKOM is from students for students, and collaborates with faculty leaders to be able to optimize all forms of existing student activities”
Chairman of the BEM FK UNISMUH, Muhammad Risqullah Ammar conveyed his response and hopes with the existence of this FKOM “FKOM is a form of support from parents of students and leaders in increasing the capacity and capability of students, the hope is that this FKOM will continue to run and students, in this case the management of the Institute, can make the most of the financial assistance that has been used for benefits and achievements.”

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