Holding Social Service Actions, Enthusiasm Exceeds Expectations
June 24, 2024 No Comments news fkunismuh

The leadership of the IMM FK Unismuh Commissariat held a social service action in the form of health education activities, blood donations and health checks. This social service activity carries the theme “Contributing to Public Health: A Drop of Blood Strengthens Humanity Ties”. This activity is part of a series of FK Unismuh’s Road to Anniversary. Held in the 1st Floor Hall of FKIK Unismuh on Saturday 22 June 2024, this activity was in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Unit (UTD) of South Sulawesi Province.

This social service activity involves students and the general public. In this event, at least approximately 100 people underwent health checks, and around 51 people donated blood. This number exceeds the number at the time of initial registration of potential donors. In fact, there are still many who want to register for a health check and also donate blood, but due to time constraints they only limit it to 1 o’clock.

This social service activity is a humanitarian activity which aims to provide assistance to people who want to undergo free health checks. Through this activity, we can at least contribute to increasing the supply of blood needs and also as a form of solidarity with fellow humans. “I am very happy to be able to participate in this blood donation and health check activity. I hope that activities like this can be carried out regularly because they really help the community,” said one of the social service participants.

Based on WHO standards, the minimum need for blood in Indonesia is around 5.1 million blood bags per year (2% of Indonesia’s population), while the current production of blood and its components is 4.1 million bags from 3.4 million donations. Of the amount of blood available, 90% of it comes from voluntary donations. Thus, the blood donation organized by PIKOM IMM FK Unismuh is expected to provide benefits to the community, especially people who are in need of blood.