IMM Faculty of Medicine throughout Makassar City Holds Free Health Checks at Car Free Day Boulevard
July 8, 2024 No Comments news fkunismuh

Pimpinan Komisariat Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah (PIKOM IMM)-Muhammadiyah Students Association, in the Faculty of Medicine across Makassar City—including PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH, PIKOM IMM FK UNHAS, and PIKOM FKIK UIN ALAUDDIN—organized a Free Health Check-up event in commemoration of the Islamic New Year 1446 H. This event took place at the Car Free Day Boulevard Panakkukang Makassar on Sunday, July 7th, 2024.

This activity was initiated out by seeing global challenges in the health sector and intense competition, so this activity was created which aimed to increase collaboration and cooperation between students in the health sector and an activity was created that was beneficial for this community.

This activity provided free health checks of blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol checks for free and was attended by hundreds of CFD Boulevard visitors at the stand throughout Makassar City.

This activity is very useful in improving students’ skills in interacting with the community, said Muh Putrajaya the Chair of PIKOM FK Unismuh

This activity can improve the physical examination skills of Health students. said Ema the Head of Pikom FKIK UIN

Apart from being curative and rehabilitative, doctors are obliged to provide promotive and preventive measures to the community. This activity can improve student promotive and preventive health, added the chairman of Pikom FK Unhas, Muh Syaqib.

As an IMM alumni who attended this activity, Dr. Muh Aditya Manulusi appreciated the activities initiated by the health students. Hopefully, this activities can carry out student activities that are beneficial to the community.

There was also a lot of positive feedback from the public, they felt that this examination was very useful because they could check blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid for free and all examinations could be carried out without having to choose one, said one of the people who took part in the activity.

At this event, we set a target of around 100 participants who would carry out health checks, but it turned out that the enthusiasm from the community was really overwhelming. So when the target is reached, the students still carry out inspections because there are still many people who want to carry out inspections.