Knowledge for Sharing, Help for Caring to Create Healthy Living, Kolaborasi bakti sosial PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH Dengan TBM FK UNISMUH 2024
January 18, 2024 No Comments IMM,mahasiswa,news,organisasi,Prodi S1 Kedokteran PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH

On Saturday, January 13 2024, Pikom IMM FK Unismuh in collaboration with TBM FK Unismuh held a social service activity aimed at providing health services to the community as well as carrying out circumcision activities. This activity was held at SMPN 9 Marusu, Maros Regency, as a form of real contribution to improving the welfare of the surrounding community.

With the theme “Knowledge for Sharing, Help for Caring to Create Healthy Living,” this activity shows the commitment of Pikom IMM FK Unismuh in sharing knowledge and providing assistance to those in need, especially in matters of health. Activity venues are carefully selected to ensure optimal accessibility for the local community. Before carrying out the activity, the committee held circumcision training guided by experts in the field. Dr. Asdar, Sp.B and Dr. H. Muhammad Rizal Tjadid Aman, Sp.B, were the two medical personnel who provided the training material. This training aims to ensure that every step of circumcision is carried out correctly and safely. During the activity, Dr. Dzar Fadli El Furqan S.Ked is responsible as the doctor in charge of Counseling and Speakers, dr. Muh. Hadi Setiadji S.Ked as the doctor in charge of the Health Examination Dr. Nurul Hidayah Hamzah as the doctor in charge of Circumcision with the presence of a competent doctor is very important to ensure that every medical procedure is carried out in accordance with applicable safety and health standards.

Not only carrying out circumcision activities, the medical team also provides general health checks to the community. This aims to detect early various health problems that participants may experience, so that preventive measures or further treatment can be taken immediately. Carrying the spirit of “Knowledge for Sharing” shows that this activity is not only one-way, but also provides an opportunity for people to gain further knowledge about their own health. Meanwhile, the theme “Help for Caring to Create Healthy Living” reflects efforts to provide concrete assistance to the community so that they can live a healthier lifestyle. Through this activity, Pikom IMM FK Unismuh and TBM FK Unismuh not only provide health services, but also provide encouragement and attention to the community. It is hoped that activities like this can continue to be carried out in a sustainable manner as a form of commitment to supporting the welfare of the surrounding community.