Medical assistance team collaboration, Muhammadiyah Student Association Unismuh Holds Social Action in Takalar
May 29, 2023 No Comments event,IMM,mahasiswa,organisasi,Prodi S1 Kedokteran PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH, Makassar – Commissariat Leaders (Pikom) Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) Faculty of Medicine (FK) Muhammadiyah University (Unismuh) Makassar held a Social Service (Baksos). This activity was held in the Mattompodalle Village, North Pallombangkeng District, Takalar Regency (23/10/2022)

This activity was attended by Deputy Dean 4 FK, dr. Ihsan Jaya, Head of SPM Makassar City, Muhammad Wahyu Ahmad Habibi S. Ked), Chair of the IMM FK Pikom, Nurul Qalbi, Head of Kec. North Pallongbangkeng, Mattompodalle Urban Village Head and IMM cadres.

This social service activity is a collaboration between the Pikom IMM FK Unismuh and TBM FK Unismuh.

This social service activity was also coupled with health promotion by dr. Dzar Fadli El Furqan, then followed by a free circumcision and medical examination with the doctor in charge dr. Dzar Fadli El Furqan S. Second and dr. Muhammad Sadikin S. Ked.

“Alhamdulillah, the social service activities by the IMM FK Unismuh pikom have been carried out well because residents in the Pallombangkeng sub-district are very open in participating in social services from the IMM FK Unismuh pikom,” explained the head of the IMM FK Unismuh Social Service Committee, Reski Ade Putra L. Bialangi.

Reski explained, we are very grateful to the committee members and invited guests who have made the event a success.