Panti Fest BEM FK-Unismuh and Health Seminar Department of Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyaan FKIK UNISMUH
June 3, 2024 No Comments news fkunismuh

The Spiritual Affairs Division of BEM FK-Unismuh and the Department of Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyaan FKIK UNISMUH collaborated to hold activities at the Nahdiyat Orphanage and Nur Siamatu Orphanage, Saturday 25 May 2024, at 09.30 WITA-Finish, holding a Seminar on Reproductive Health and Skin Health.

“The glory of orphans is truly cared for and guarded by Rasulullah SAW. When he was still alive. He always approached, gathered and chatted with orphans. “Hopefully we can be an example for him,” said Dr. Dr. Dara Ugi Aras, M. Kes. As head of the Department of Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyaan FKIK UNISMUH.”

“With this Panti Fest activity, we are very happy and grateful because we can share the needs of orphanage children and provide health education. “This Panti Fest is one of our motivations to continue and can help many people, especially orphanage children,” said Maharani as Head of the Spiritual Department, who was present at the Nahdiyat Orphanage, Maharani said there were 70 children and administrators at the Nahdiyat Orphanage and 40 children along with the administrators at the Nursiamatu Orphanage.”

This activity presented 5 speakers. “We are collaborating with the AIK FKIK UNISMUH Department, with the theme Reproductive Health, resource persons for the activity are Dr. Rosdiana Sahabuddin, M. Kes, Sp. OG and Mrs. A. Hasna SKM, M. Kes. Meanwhile, for the Nahdiyat Orphanage, it discussed skin health with three presenters, Dr. Wiwiek Dewiyanti Habar, Sp.KK, FINS-DV, APT. Zakiah Tahir, S.Farm, M.Kes and Mrs. Rahmawati, S.Kp, M.Kes .” Said Rian as Deputy Secretary of the Spiritual Department. What’s interesting about this activity is that it is combined with several games with the aim of entertaining the orphanage children. “We provide coloring competition games, connecting verses, reading surahs,” said Rian.

Dr. Wiwiek Dewiyanti Habar, Sp.KK, FINS-DV. Suggest that this activity be sustainable.