December 27, 2022 No Comments news,Prodi Profesi Dokter fkunismuh

FKIK Unismuh Professional Study Program- Doctor’s professional education is the last formal education stage before a medical student is sworn in as a doctor. Professional education is organized in a teaching hospital, based on the department/section (polyclinic) in the hospital. Professional education students carry out education by carrying out education rotations in existing polyclinics.
The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) Unismuh Makassar as the manager of Medical Education since its inception, has also collaborated with several hospitals, medical centers, and community health centers (Puskesmas / PKM) as a vehicle for professional education for FKIK Unismuh students. Education hospitals and other professional education vehicles have certain requirements & parameters, to ensure the implementation of quality medical education. These requirements include the ratio of clinical supervising doctors (DPK) and professional students, the ratio of the number of cases and the variety of types of cases, educational facilities, and other educational support facilities, etc.
Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Sheikh Yusuf Gowa Regency is one of the teaching hospitals for FKIK Unismuh Makassar. RSUD Sheikh Yusuf Gowa Regency has been accredited as a Major Teaching Hospital, which was determined on Tuesday 27/12/2022; after an offline field visitation on the same day, as well as a desk assessment (for form documents).
Present at the field visitation were the Regional Secretary of Gowa Regency, the Head of the Gowa Regency Health Office, the leadership, staff and employees of RSUD Sheikh Yusuf, the Dean and leadership of FKIK Unismuh Makassar, doctors who supervise the FKIK Unismuh Makassar clinic, and students of FKIK Unismuh Makassar’s medical professional education.
The local government of Gowa Regency, through the Regional Secretary of Gowa Regency, expressed its commitment to always strive to improve the quality of services and facilities at RSUD Sheikh Yusuf. The same commitment, in preparing the process and vehicle for quality medical professional education, has also been shown by the RSUD Sheikh Yusuf Gowa Regency. The commitment to mentoring professional education students by clinical supervisors (DPK) is proven by the high pass rate of UKMPPD (competency test for students of medical professional education) FKIK Unismuh, with an average of 95%; and even reached 100% pass rate in the last three batches.

The commitment of RSUD Sheikh Yusuf in developing professional medical education for FKIK Unismuh Makassar medical students has also been realized by providing adequate facilities and infrastructure for professional education, both the provision of discussion rooms, education administration rooms (komkordik) along with related process documents, teaching laboratories along with their equipment (a.l. mannequins), libraries, medical emergency training centers, koas (young doctors) rooms, etc.
The main teaching hospital serves as the coordinator in organizing and distributing professional education rotations for medical education students. Together with FKIK Unismuh, the main teaching hospital has a professional education coordinating body (bakordik)/professional education coordinating committee (komkordik) that technically carries out this function.
Regional General Hospital Syekh Yusuf Gowa Regency in Sungguminasa is a hospital owned by the Regional Government of Gowa Regency whose operations began on April 1, 1982. On December 9, 2011 RSUD Sheikh Yusuf Gowa Regency successfully obtained a certificate of Advanced Full Accreditation by the Hospital Accreditation Committee (KARS) Team for 12 types of services, namely: Administrative Services, Medical Services, Emergency Services, Nursing Services, Medical Record Services, Operating Room Services, Laboratory Services, Radiology Services, High Risk Perinatology Services, Infectious Disease Control Services, Pharmacy Services, Occupational Health and Safety Services (K3).With the acquisition of a Full Accreditation Certificate, the Hospital is increasingly required to provide maximum services in accordance with Minimum Service Standards (MSS). Finally, RSUD Syekh Yusuf Gowa Regency received Plenary Level Status Accreditation on 12/10/2018.
RSUD Syekh Yusuf Kabupaten Gowa has gained the trust of the community to serve health problems, both for the people in Gowa Regency, as well as the people in southern South Sulawesi, as a health service function intended for people throughout Indonesia. In providing services to patients, RSUD Sheikh Yusuf is supported by health care facilities, both facilities and infrastructure, human resources, and sophisticated and up-to-date equipment.