Take Care of Brotherhood, Pikom IMM FK Unismuh Makassar Holds Gathering of Cadres
May 30, 2023 No Comments news PIKOM IMM FK UNISMUH

Leaders of the Commissariat of the Muhammadiyah Student Association, Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah Makassar (Pikom IMM Unismuh Makassar) held donations to orphanages, Clean and Healthy Behavior Education (PHBS), and Cadres Gathering coupled with authentic iftar with cadres of Pikom IMM FK Unismuh at the Red Corner Cafe on Thursday (30/03/2023). The cadre gathering raised the theme “Muhammadiyah Doctor Diaspora: The Potential of Progressive Islamic Services in Health Services”.

The cadre gathering was held to maintain brotherhood between IMM FK Unismuh Makassar cadres. Prior to the Gathering of these cadres, donations to the orphanage were carried out which were divided into two groups, namely the Mahira group consisting of Nur Salmah, Nur Qadry, Rezky Ananda, and Amal. The two Nasir Groups consist of Nur taqwa, Al Bahri, Al Wahab, and Jannatunnaim. This activity is clear evidence of IMM FK Unismuh Makassar’s concern in cultivating a social spirit for cadres and the community, because the best example can be seen from the actions given.

In addition to building a social spirit, this activity was carried out with the aim of maintaining kinship ties between IMM FK Unismuh Makassar cadres. It is hoped that these activities will continue and provide more benefits to the wider community. It is known that this activity was attended by the Director of Human Capital and General Affair of BPJS Kesehatan, dr. Andi Afdal, MBA., AAK. The activity was closed with a group photo with all the participants present.