Finalists of Scientific Essay and Public Poster “Muhammadiyah Jakarta Sceintific Competition” Presentation at Muhammadiyah University Jakarta
June 6, 2023 No Comments mahasiswa,MARC,news,organisasi,prestasi MARC-FK UNISMUH

On June 2, 2023 two finalist teams from FK unismuh presented their scientific work at Muhammadiyah University Jakarta in the national competition event “Muhammadiyah Jakarta Sceintific Competition”. This competition raised the theme PREECLAMPSIA “The Problems and Health Challanges Of Reproduction in Global Era”. The competition was participated by 20 universities in Indonesia.

In the scientific essay branch, 2020 batch student Andi Ulya Pratiwi presented the title “Early Diagnosis of Preeclampsia Through Identification of Placental Protein 13”. Placental protein 13 is one of the diagnostic biomarkers of preeclampsia.

In the poster competition there were 32 teams competing which were then selected into 8 finalist teams. The finalists from FK Unismuh were represented by 2021 students, namely M. Tasya Indah, St. Harlyanti Nur and Rizka Awwaliah T with the poster title “PARTUM Preeclampsia Prevent with ADEK”.

Both teams of scientific papers that participated in this competition were directly mentored by lecturers in the field of obsetry, namely dr. Deddy S.Razak Sp.OG.