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FKIK Unismuh Doctor Professional Study Program- The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FKIK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar again took the 28th doctor’s oath on Thursday, March 31, 2022. Those who took the oath as doctors were 16 people. What is special, doctors who took their oaths in this period included first takers who passed 100% in the Competency Test for Students of the Doctor Professional Program (UKMPPD) last period.

The oath-taking procession was held in the FKIK Unismuh Makassar Hall witnessed by the Rector of Unismuh Makassar, Prof. Ambo Asse, Chairman of BPH Unismuh Makassar Prof. Gagaring Pagalung, Vice Rector IV, Drs KH Mawardi Pewangi, as well as representing the Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership of South Sulawesi.

Dean of FKIK Unismuh Makassar Prof. Dr. Suryani As’ad MSc SpGK (K) in her speech said that the swearing-in of doctors today is a happiness for all of us. Those who are sworn in are those who have gone through a long process of character building education that was taken for several years, & some started from 2015.

“There are so many character changes that we get, the goal is to educate students to become ready-made people in carrying out the professional duties of a doctor who serves the community, both in good health, more so when they are sick,” said Prof. Suryani.

Prof. Suryani further said, today we have finished inaugurating with all the joys and sorrows when we graduate in each course in each semester or when we become Bachelor of Medicine.

In undergoing the professional process we find it difficult, especially during the co-19 pandemic which requires us to undergo it not to interact with people who must be educated.

Behind it all, Prof. Suryani believes that those inaugurated today have met national and international competency requirements.

To the newly inaugurated doctors, Prof. Suryani hopes to have abilities in aspects of knowledge, skills, & professional attitudes. “You will undergo a mentoring process called the internship phase,” continued Prof. Suryani.

It is said that now, those who have been inaugurated have begun to carry out their duties as doctors and are accompanied by supervisors in their respective locations, on average 1 year.

At the end of her speech, Prof. Suryani hoped that the internship phase can be carried out as well as possible. Because after this period has been passed, you can carry out your duties as a doctor independently.

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