MARC FK UNISMUH – Two Public Poster Competition Branch Teams Become Finalists, Offline Presentation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of North Sumatra Medan
May 31, 2023 No Comments mahasiswa,MARC,news,prestasi MARC-FK UNISMUH

Scripta Research Festival was held on January 28, 2023 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of North Sumatra Medan. This national competition was attended by 19 universities from all over Indonesia. Two public poster teams from FK UNSIMUH who became finalists in the top ten category went to Medan and made presentations. Students with the names Arief Zaqiuddin, Nur Hikmah, and Rizka Awwaliyah presented their posters with the title “Prevent Childhood Penumonia with FISH” and Team 2 from FK UNSIMUH Magfira Awaliah, A.Rabiatul Adawiah, and Andi Ratu Panca Indriani presented their work with the title “REMEMBER MALARIA Symptoms Prevent with FAMILIES”.
This competition has become the first offline competition that they have participated in after the last 3 years of pandemic competition held online only. SRF is a prestigious competition that can make motivation and a learning platform for FK UNISMUH students who have become finalists to continue learning for the opportunity to achieve winning achievements in other national competitions.