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Student Affairs of FKIK Unismuh Undergraduate Medical Study Program – Handover of Position (Sertijab) Chairman of BEM-FK Unismuh Makassar which was held at the FKIK Unismuh Makassar Building on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.
The Commissioner of the Chairperson of BEM-FK Unismuh for the 2021/2022 Period, Muhammad Risqullah Ammar, handed over the mandate and position to the Chairperson of BEM-FK Unismuh Elected for the 2022/2023 Period, Reinaldy Aslam.
This handover was also attended by the Vice Dean III of FKIK Unismuh Makassar, dr. Asdar, Sp.B along with the Chairperson of DLM-FK Unismuh, Muhammad Fiqran and the Chairmen of the
FK Unismuh Institutions, namely from the Chairman of TBM Muhammad Ridha, AMSA Representative Imam Muflih, Chairman of MSU Alvito Dhean Nova, Chairman of MAC Yudah, Chairman of MARC Andi Ulya and also Chairman of PIKOM IMM FK Unismuh Andi Ratu Panca Indriani.
In his speech, WD III FKIK Unismuh conveyed the mandate to the next management,
“Hopefully the next board can be better than their seniors, can learn many things and work. Besides that, enjoy the process that will be undertaken, enjoy all the challenges because that is the process.” He said
Separately conveyed, the Chairman of DLM FK Unismuh Muhammad Fiqran, expressed his support for the next period,
“It doesn’t feel like 1 period for the past year we have passed, hopefully it can be a place to learn for the next management, because actually everyone is a teacher and all places are schools.”
This handover is the starting point for the next management.
“Continuing the baton of organizational leadership is a moral responsibility that I hold in carrying out this mandate but in the success of the next 1 year period, of course I need the help of the entire Academic Community, IKA FK UNISMUH and KKM FK Unismuh. Let’s work together with the Movement Cabinet to be useful.” Unggap Reinaldy Aslam, Chairman of BEM-FK Unismuh Period 2022/2023
In addition, Muhammad Risqullah Ammar, always the Chairman of BEM demisioner, left a message that in the future BEM-FK Unismuh must be an inclusive learning forum and student movement, can be an example and be more optimal than the previous period.
This activity was also coupled with a friendly meeting between BEM-FK Unismuh and the academic community of FKIK Unismuh.(release/rajendra)

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